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Financial Doctor


Financial doctor helps to restore and strengthen financial health. Many years of practice showed that financial problems of different people and organisations have similar causes. And these causes can be successfully cured.

In case of revealing symptoms of financial disorders we help to understand the reasons, to suggest a solution and to accompany you on the way to recovery.

Those whose finance are in full order we also invite to cooperate.

What is financial health?

According to the definition of the World Health Organisation, health is a state of complete physical, spiritual and social wellbeing.

Financial health is an important component of social wellbeing. It exists when you are completely satisfied with the state of your finance.

Disorders of financial health are most often associated with a situation where money is not enough, it is not enough to fulfill desires, needs and projects, sources of income are unknown, there are worries about expenses, and debts exist.

But financial disorders can be caused not only by a lack of money. Discomfortable situations can arise from fear of losing money, uncertainty or lack of desires, insufficient financial literacy, difficulties in defining a vision and lack of creative ideas in your financial life.

The disorders of financial health negatively affect all other areas of life.

Symptoms of financial disorders

Related to lack of money:

  • fear of losing revenue sources
  • there are debts

Related to available money:

  • fear of losing capital
  • I do not know where to invest

Related to the movement of money:

  • unpredictability of income
  • increase of expenses, money leakage
  • unconscious spending

Related to desires:

  • chaos of desires
  • deferred desires
  • lack of desires

Related to lack of financial knowledge:

  • I do not understand financial statements
  • I do not know how to work with my bank
  • I do not understand financial products

Related to lack of inspiration:

  • difficult to make a vision
  • no breakthrough ideas
  • circulating around the same things

What is the action plan?

  • diagnosing a financial disorder
  • developing and supporting the correction
  • achieving the long-term wellbeing

What is included in the standard schemes of work?

  • development of desires, goals and intentions
  • development of an individual program
  • preparation of an annual financial plan
  • arranging a creative session (individual or group)
  • conducting a training course (individual or group)
  • monitoring

Form of work

  • skype
  • email
  • at the customer's premises (for creative sessions and training courses)

Services are available in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Introductory consultation (by email or by skype, up to 45 min.) is free of charge.

Who can find these services useful?

These services are useful for:

  • freelancers, initiators of ideas, projects and start-ups
  • business owners and private entrepreneurs
  • visionaries, volunteers and patrons of art,

as well as for individuals who wish to improve their financial situation:

  • hired employees
  • students
  • women with children, pensioners, people with disabilities

How to contact?

Please send your message at m.me/wealthyworldcentre or through the form "Order a free consultation" on the main page of this website.